Do Not Register At ‘Buy Buy Baby’ Because It’s A Total Nightmare

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I finally used the last of my store credit on a Buy Buy Baby/Bed Bath & Beyond jumperoo for my son. My sister ordered the wrong item, so I thought a simple phone call would let me exchange it for the right order. Ha. Instead of helping me correct my order, they did all these awesome things:

1. They refused to perform an exchange for me.

“It has not shipped from the warehouse yet. But we can’t do an exchange.”

2. They tried to get me to spend more money with them.

“We can’t use your store credit to exchange the item, but you can buy a new one with your credit card. Then we’ll mail you back your store credit.”

3. They paused my transaction without letting my know.

For some reason, my customer service agent Patrick decided he wanted to put a hold on my order. But told me it would arrive in two weeks. So I waited at home for it to arrive like a chump. Only after 10 business days passed without an arrival did I call to find out that they had “paused” my order because I was “unhappy” with the original item. Helpful!

4. They kept me on the phone for HOURS

Not since my mom’s college separation anxiety has someone tried so badly to keep me on the phone with them. I spent over five hours on hold or annoyance with these people one weekend.

Throughout MONTHS of dealing with incompetence, irritation and mishaps, and speaking with multiple managers both in store and on the phone, Buy Buy Baby never ONCE tried to compensate me for my various troubles. Last week, Zappos sent an order of mine to the wrong address and gave me a $20 credit when they figured it out. Why? Because they care about customer service.

After the last interaction I had at Buy Buy Baby, I was told that they would give me a 20% discount on my next purchase. No thanks!

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