Do Not Register At ‘Buy Buy Baby’ Because It’s A Total Nightmare

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I live in New York City and do not have a car. To use my store credit, I have to show up in person and wander through their maze of products. I made it there zero times on my maternity leave and about three times since.

Rather than a mistake, this seems to be part of the company’s business model. They seem to assume that new moms are going to be too busy to actually exchange/return the items they purchase/get at showers. How do they do this?

1. They don’t issue store credit on a giftcard*

Store credit is returned to you on a flimsy paper receipt. If you return different items, they will not combine this credit to convenience you. Instead, you have to keep track of multiple, messy receipts. I know I lost a few of those. And that’s money that BBB pockets.

2. You cannot use store credit online.**

Buy Buy Baby thinks we live in a pre-internet era where people only drive to stores to purchase items they need.

3. You cannot use store credit over the phone.

Oh, you know what product you need and want to order over the phone? Why would Buy Buy Baby train employees to pick up the phone and enter an order into a computer. That would be CRAZY.

4. You cannot have a rational conversation with most Buy Buy Baby employees.

The company trains people to be friendly, but generally useless. I once went into Buy Buy Baby knowing what product I needed to order and spent TWO HOURS waiting for an employee to search for it in their warehouse. Only to find out he was looking for the wrong thing the whole time.

*As of last month, they will issue you a giftcard. But it is not valid to use online.

**No, BBB employees do not like being reminded how stupid this policy is.

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