Do Not Register At ‘Buy Buy Baby’ Because It’s A Total Nightmare

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buybuybaby is awfulThe first time I walked into a Buy Buy Baby pregnant I had a panic attack. If I had been smart, I would have turned around and gone somewhere else to stock up on my baby supplies. Instead I registered there for my baby shower. I wish I hadn’t.

At face value, Buy Buy Baby seems like the perfect place to register for baby items. They have walls stacked to the ceiling with baby products and seem to carry every thing a baby could ever need. Before I got pregnant, I loved going in there to get cute little outfits for friends and relatives’ babies.

But shopping as a parent there has been nightmare fuel. They look at pregnant ladies like wounded prey waiting to be devoured. After I caught my breath that first time in, I walked about five feet before being attacked by an employee who started spewing facts about useless products to me. Each department is guarded by some “expert” who would just love to tell you useless information about every product in their department that you need.

It’s like a video game where you have to defeat a new boss at every level to get through the store. Especially when you’re carrying one of those zappers that connects products to your registry. Within five minutes of talking to me, the BBB bottle expert had removed my zapper from my hand and started zapping products I needed instead of explaining them to me.

I got home with about 40 products on my registry that I knew I’d never use. It was easy to delete them and start fresh, but that was the least of my issues.

Buy Buy Baby is at best a time suck. More often, it is a customer service nightmare and money pit. I had my baby shower in May of last year and it took me until this month to spend the store credit that I accumulated from returned/exchanged gifts. That was 10 months to spend about $300.

Why did it take so long? I’ve spent well more than that on my baby since then. Diapers, toys, clothes, and bath supplies are all items I’ve purchased that Buy Buy Baby sells. But exchanging products has been such a nightmare that I have just done my baby shopping online and avoided the store entirely.

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