Mom Had Adorable Little Accomplices Help Her Pull Off A Jewelry Heist – Her Own Kids

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 6.36.09 AMThis is a terrible story because I feel so bad for these little kids doing their mom’s dirty work, I wanna make it clear that I think robbery is bad and awful and people shouldn’t steal, ever. But I can’t help but be sort of charmed by these children stealing over 100,000 worth of jewelry, especially because one of the headlines I read called them “minions” and now all I can think about is this.

Geneshia Grey went to a jewelry store in Granite Falls with her six and eight-year-old kids. She had them take her purse and fill it up with 69 jewelry boxes, while she distracted the store owners. The investigators have recovered about 10,000 dollars worth of the stolen jewels, after a family member found the pilfered goods and contacted the police. From Fox 2 Now:

Owners tell FOX 2 Grey distracted them while the two children went behind the counters with bags and took 69 jewelry boxes. The owners who have been at the West Chain of Rocks store for 6 years say they’re disgusted and even more so because the suspect used kids to do her dirty work. Store assistant Scott Paolucci says the theft was outrageous, bold and calculated.

”We had some people come in here and decided to take it upon themselves to take a lot of jewelry that wasn’t theirs. The woman was basically blocking his view so the kids could do what she told them to do.

”She would hand them her purse, and they would take the purse go back there and you can see their little hands going in and grabbing jewelry,” said Paolucci.

Her kids stole all that jewelry and most of us have an issue getting our kids to pick up their socks! The report says that Grey is currently on the run but makes no mention on whether or not her kids are with her. It’s awful when parents manipulate and use their kids like this but to be honest I haven’t heard of a case like this that often so I find the whole thing pretty surprising. What I don’t find surprising is all the terrible comments people leave after stories like this (Not on Mommyish, you guys are never racist awful humans) all about how this is an example of “inner city thug life” and blah blah blah. No one knows! Maybe the mom needed money to feed her kids. Maybe she was starting a college fund. Maybe she was saving up to get surgery for someone. Stealing is bad, of course, duh, but I refuse to jump to conclusions about why the mom did what she did until I hear more. But I do wonder a lot about her kids. I wonder how she taught them what to do?  I wonder who they are with now? I wonder if they are getting therapy after this.

You can see the kids pull off the heist here. I hope the kids get better guidance and someone teaches them stealing is wrong and they grow up to write a bestselling novel all about their burglar mom and being pint-sized theives. And I really hope the jewelry store owner puts away the box of corn flakes on the shelf because to be honest, I can’t see that helping his business at all.

(Image: Fox2now)

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