Your Blood Is Going To Boil When You Read The Comments On This Leaked Video Of Two Kids Fighting

Part of me hates showing you readers things like this, because I can’t stand seeing kids fight, it makes me extremely uncomfortable, I think it’s exploitive to the kids involved and it frustrates me beyond words that no adults intervene during this video. On the other hand, because we all discuss bullying quite frequently and a lot of us have kids, I think it’s important that we do all sit down collectively and discuss things like this because it’s our job as parents to raise our kids not to act like monster children. First of all, the video:

Warning: NSFW language and violence 

The video, which was uploaded to Live Leaks, doesn’t say where these kids live. It isn’t known how old they are. The young boy has been commended by comments on you tube which says he protected himself in exactly the right way when no adults stop the fighting, by placing the young girl in a choke hold. It appears in the video he also asks the girl “are you OK?” when they are done fighting. Because this is the internet, for every comment about the bullying involved, there is a whole lost of racist and hateful garbage spewed towards both kids.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.39.29 AM


Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.38.53 AM

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.38.42 AM Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.41.33 AM


These kids fighting are bad enough. It’s horrible and awful and makes me never want to let my own kids take a bus anywhere, but what worries me more than the kids fighting are the comments left by people who viewed this video, because some of these people are out there breeding. Both kids are wrong. I would say the boy is “less wrong” than the girl, but they both need a big talking to. They don’t worry me as much as the people commenting on the fight. Those are the real bullies in this whole mess. And they are raising children to think the same way they do.

(Image: You Tube)

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