These Guys Who Made A Video About Bullying Are Total Bullies

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Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.19.38 PMTwo young men got together to make a video about bullying. They wanted to shed some light on how so many people are comfortable looking away in situations where someone is being harassed. I get the message they were trying to send, but they come off like bullies themselves.



So, what exactly do these young men want the public to do. Get involved? I understand that in theory that’s great, but in reality – not so much.

Repeatedly, the men rough up “victims” in front of other people, to see who will “help.” Often times, these witnesses are alone. The witnesses are then chided for not saving the day.That is ridiculous and unfair.

The first scene involves a boy doing his homework in a hall. What makes you think this kid wants to go from doing his homework, to getting beat up? Is he a jerk for deciding to stay anonymous, or is he scared, too? I don’t like the way the makers of this video make the fact that someone is getting bullied the fault of some totally innocent bystander.

“How come you didn’t help out?”

Who is to say that some of the witnesses who were walking away weren’t intending to call campus security or point it out to someone else who could help? Advising kids to get physically involved in physical altercations is just not a good idea in my opinion. When one petite woman gets involved, even I as a viewer wanted to applaud her. But how is she expected to defend herself against a much larger guy? If this was reality, it could have gone really, really bad.

“Hey everybody looking right now – there’s a camera right there and you guys just walked away from a guy getting brutally beat and you guys did nothing to help him… I’m done with this video. This is a joke.”

It’s one thing to make the point not to turn a blind eye – quite another to shame and bully people for being scared themselves.

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