Bugaboo Strollers Are Not Perfect, Company Issues Recall

The highly sought-after Bugaboo strollers, which retail for hundreds of dollars, are in fact not flawless. A common accessory to celebrity parents like Gwen Stefani, Ben Affleck, and Kourtney Kardashian, these pricey strollers are malfunctioning all over the place. The company had to issue a recall recently as the strollers’ wheels were locking, causing the buggy to flip over.

The Bugaboo Bee, picture here, stared to exhibit problems in early 2011 after the company changed the metal bearing to plastic. The Dutch company changed the design after problems were reported with the wheels often wobbling. But the use of plastic instead of metal has caused the wheels to not swivel correcting, which makes the buggy tip forward.

The company issued the following statement:

“The latest safety assessment by an independent expert concluded, following further tests, that there is a small chance that the stroller’s front wheels could jam, which could potentially make the stroller tip over.  In light of this we believe that the safety profile of this product is inadequate and not up to our quality standard. We take this very seriously and therefore we immediately stop shipment and sales of the Bugaboo Bee.”

But even though Bugaboo stopped selling the Bee in September, some stores are apparently still selling them according to parents.

Those parents who purchased the Bee between January and September of this year are entitled to a new set of front wheels on Bugaboo’s tab. And those mommies and daddies who are waiting on the new set are advised to lock the front wheels, disabling the swiveling of the wheels. But parents are reportedly having much difficulty getting in touch with the company regarding those free wheels.

A newer version of the Bee with the metal bearing is now available on the store’s website, but no doubt those parents who dropped close to $700 on this buggy are more than peeved with the malfunction.

(photo: dailymail.co.uk)

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