Brooklyn Mommies Declare War On Ice Cream Vendors Just In Time For Summer

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ice cream Ice cream trucks aren’t exactly a favorite among parents for a multitude of reasons. Trying to wrestle your children from the park before dinner just as that ice cream melody comes through can result in some toddler meltdowns of the “mommy! Mommy! Ice cream!” variety. But now that the temperature is inching higher and the days are longer, the mothers of Brooklyn are looking to make some changes with that warm weather. Specifically, they want ice cream vendors banned from Prospect Park so that no child can enjoy a tasty summer snack.

A lot of parents may joke about banning ice cream trucks or vendors from their neighborhoods, but the mothers and fathers of Park Slope Parents apparently mean business. New York Post reports that Park Slope mothers swapped their tales of ice cream-infused tantrums, making their spring walks far from leisurely:

“Along with the first truly beautiful day of the year, my son and I had our first ruined day at the playground,” the poster named Sarah somberly recounted. “Two different people came into the actual playground with ice cream/Italian ice push carts. I was able to avoid it for a little while but eventually I left with a crying 4-year-old.”

Another mother took a swipe at those ice cream vendors “making a living” off of her tots:

“I should not have to fight with my children every warm day on the playground just so someone can make a living!” the poster wailed. “I too was at the 9th Street Playground on Monday, and one of the vendors just handed my 4-year-old an ice cream cone. I was furious.”

Granted, when you have toddlers it can sometimes take nothing more than a missed ice cream experience to ruin the day. Yet, wagging fingers at ice cream vendors for pushing their wares in public spaces on warm days seems like a lazy way to avoid the actual issue here: bratty children thinking they’re entitled to whatever crosses their path — which doesn’t surprise me given that we’re not talking about the neighborhood that inspired the gossipy pop read Prospect Park West. Besides, there are certainly scores of well-behaved children (and adults!) who would likely love an ice cream treat on a sunny Saturday. But something tells me that perhaps those kids don’t reside in Park Slope’s luxury brownstones.

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(photo: ElisemkII/ Shutterstock)