Brooklyn Mom Posts Party Pic To Facebook Hours After Abandoning Toddlers

dalisha adams abandoned childrenYesterday we wrote about Dalisha Adams, the 26-year-old mom who abandoned her two girls, aged 5 and 3, on a Brooklyn sidewalk Sunday afternoon (fortunately, the girls were found safe several hours later). Turns out Adams’ Facebook page was uploaded with a photo of a seemingly naked man holding a bottle of champagne mere hours after she abandoned her children. (Adams was arrested later that night.)

Now the girls’ grandmother, Bertha Davis, is saying the whole thing was a misunderstanding and she’s asking the Administration for Children’s Services to place them in her care. According to reports, Davis lives in the complex next to where the children were left and she said Adams must have intended to leave the girls in her care.

Meanwhile, Davis, 52, only realized what had happened to her granddaughters when she saw their picture on the news. “Why would she do that to my grandkids? For what reason?” she asked, despite calling the incident a misunderstanding.

Shawn Cobbs is the girls’ father, and Adams has accused him of domestic violence several times. According to Davis, he and Adams had an argument over the kids on Sunday. “She wanted him to take the kids, and he told her he didn’t have a stable place to take the kids,” Davis said. “She must have got mad, dressed them kids and brought them here.”

Fortunately, there were no signs of abuse. But that doesn’t change the fact that two innocent little girls were left to fend for themselves at a busy Brooklyn intersection.


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