11-Year-Old Brooklyn Kid Ran Away From Home Because He Didn’t Want To Do Chores

Brooklyn Boy Found safe After Running AwayOh man, this kid should be so very very grounded. I’m sorry Kareem Granton but I would never let you leave the house again. The 11-year-old boy from Brooklyn ran away from home and was found after five days, riding the trains of NYC because he didn’t want to clean up after his dog, Queenie. This is why kids shouldn’t be allowed pets until they are deemed responsible enough. Just reading this story is enough to give me the vapors because his poor mom must have been worried to death. From the Daily Mail:

Kareem Granton, 11, of East New York, was found Monday morning at the Union Square subway station after a woman spotted him and alerted police.

When he was reunited with his distraught family he revealed that he had left home because he did not want to clean up after his dog, Queenie.

Kareem went missing on Wednesday after he got home from school and went to play video games without permission with a friend after being told to clean up.

The pair then went to a nearby Chuck E. Cheese’s to eat and Kareem disappeared. 

His frantic family launched an appeal to find the schoolboy who disappeared after having ‘a tantrum in the moment.’

About this whole ‘tantrum’ thing? Kareem was quoted as saying ”I just had a tantrum, a type of anger problem,” he told Slattery. ”So I just wanted to express it in a different way. Yeah, that is for sure a DIFFERENT WAY, kid.

His mom, who is obviously extremely relieved and happy to have her son back, said she plans on punishing him. I can’t even imagine being away from home for that long, and it is reported he only had ten bucks in his pocket that his stepfather gave him. Stories like these make me wonder why I ever had kids. There have been plenty of times my own kids have gotten cranky when I have told them to clean their rooms or clean up dog mess from the yard or do their homework, they just haven’t run away from home yet. Is 11-years-old to old to put one of those child leashes on a kid?

A good samaritan noticed him asleep on the train and alerted a policeman with a canine patrolling the subway platform.

I’m happy he is home safe and all but he basically just free range parented himself. Crazyass kid. He is lucky he didn’t get kidnapped or worse, plus, it has been so cold in NYC! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll be bringing this one up at dinner as a total what not to do when you are angry conversation. Stuff like this scares me to pieces.

(Image: CBS2 video)

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