Mommy Blogger & TV Host Brooke Burke Is About To Fight A Very Public Battle With Cancer

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No matter who you are, cancer is a difficult and emotional journey. Some of those struggles end in success. Others end in tragedy. A celebrity’s cancer is no more serious or poignant than any other person’s medical issues. That being said, there is something about the idea of battling such a scary disease in the public eye that I find completely terrifying. That’s why my heart is going out to Brooke Burke Charvet today, after she announced that she has thyroid cancer and will be going through surgery soon.

If you aren’t a big Dancing With The Stars fan, you might not know much about Brooke. She won the reality show a few years back and is now a co-host for the program. Moms on the internet might have a completely different understanding of the television host though. As a mom of four herself, Brooke is the co-founder of a parenting community called Modern Mom. Today, she released a video on her site explaining her situation and letting everyone who about this extremely personal battle.

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That part about the scar hit home for me. I have a couple small scars from laparoscopic surgery earlier in the year. I get to cover them up every day, so that I don’t have to explain what happened and just why I needed surgery. The only people who see my scars are my husband and my daughter. My little girl likes to examine them and make sure her mom is still doing okay on a regular basis.

This woman would get to hide that scar or the struggle behind it. She won’t just get to let her kids trace it’s path and be happy their mom is still safe. Everyone will see it, comment on it, and point it out. It will be a reminder of her status as a cancer patient, no matter how many clear screenings she has after that.

Brooke, as a dedicated mom blogger, is obviously comfortable sharing her life with the world. She’s writes opening about parenting challenges and her own difficulties. I have no question that she’ll share her experience with her readers and fans, hopefully giving those going through similar journeys something to relate to and find strength in.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Brooke Burke Charvet. I used to always get her confused with Nick Lachey‘s wife. But today, I’m pulling for her. Today, I’m hoping that the mommy blogger community Burke is such an active part of with come together and support this mom-of-four through a difficult fight. It’s nice to see that she’s so optimistic and confident. Let’s all keep sending positive thoughts her way.

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