Brock Turner Will Spend Even Less Time in Prison Than Initially Reported

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brock-turner-mugshotIn March, former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner was convicted of three felony counts of sexual assault. That would be horrifying enough, but this month Turner was sentenced to a mere six months in prison because the Judge Aaron Persky reportedly thought prison would have a negative impact on him.

The tiny sentence and the reasoning behind it have caused copious outrage from a public that is sick of seeing privileged white guys get easier treatment. Of course prison would have a negative impact on him. It’s prison!

On top of the heinous crime for which Turner was convicted, Turner has been doubling-down on his own odiousness by publicly blaming “binge drinking” and “promiscuity” for his actions and the resulting conviction, despite the fact that alcohol did not sexually assault anybody. Turner did. But now it looks like he won’t even serve the six months to which he was sentenced.

Mic looked up Turner’s inmate details and noted that Turner’s booking date is June 2, 2016, but his release date is listed as September 2, 2016. That’s just three months, not six. A police spokesperson told Mic that those numbers were correct.

“If it says he’s getting released on that date — unless there’s some special circumstance and he receives new criminal charges while in prison and were to be charged — that is the date of his release,” he told Mic’s Marie Solis.

Honestly, if you told me at this point that Turner had been transferred to another facility to serve out his sentence at Disneyland, I’d believe you.

TMZ is also reporting that Turner will be in protective custody while he’s in prison, though police say that’s because of Turner’s crime, not his relative fame. People convicted of sexual assault are often kept in protective custody so they aren’t harmed by other inmates in prison.

Photo: Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office