Hilarious Bride Walks Down The Aisle To Buckcherry Song, Gets Slut Shamed

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There is nothing more boring than a wedding that takes itself too seriously. You know the type: the ceremony is an hour long, they play Wagner‘s “Wedding March” and someone reads from Corinthians (VOMIT). Nope, not my kind of wedding at all. My kind of wedding needs some PIZZAZZ.

Theresa Semonski, who I have dubbed the “Crazy Bitch Bride,” has gotten a lot of flack from various websites about her controversial choice of wedding song. Namely, Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch,” a song whose claim to fame is being inspired by the Paris Hilton sex tape. Now I understand some of the criticism. I wouldn’t personally perform a song with lyrics like “scream so loud / getting fuckin’ laid” and “she’s fucks so good / I’m on top of it” in front of kids, but I’m withholding judgment.

The little kids in attendance aside, this mom rocks. The video was uploaded by her daughter to YouTube a few days ago.

Predictably, the YouTube comments go beyond simply calling it tacky as they attack this woman’s family, her kids, her looks, her weight, her lifestyle, etc. They call her a “redneck,” a terrible mother and a whore, and many of them poke fun at her being a 43-year-old grandmother:

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The best part? I am fairly certain Theresa is trolling all of us. After reading the literally hundreds of angry and annoyed comments, Theresa responded with this gem:

“who made the rule on how my wedding should be and just so you know it was my wedding at my house and they were my guests if and when you ever find anyone to marry your narrow minded self you can have your wedding at your location with your guests in your way and guess what I will respect your choice because I live in the USA and that is what we do here. And thank you to all my friends and family (including my son) who fight or have fought for my freedom to do this

Wow I can promise I am not pregnant and I will bet my IQ is higher then yours and guess what I am employed with a great job and in my job I care for all different people with no judgment. WE had a wedding for us the craziness that is in our heads and all our friends and family get it. Have been told it was greatest wedding people have been too. You all just upset that you don’t have creativity or the balls to live your life freely like we do. Thank GOD I live in the USA

See everyone loved it I have total self respect and proud of everything I do with no regrets and thank GOD I can defend this. All those people are my family they grew up with me and raised me. I stand by this and so does my husband friends and family. All I wish is that I can find a wider shot so you all can see all the guests dancing and rocking out like we always do. I am a 43 year old grandma who rocks out and enjoys life. Proud of me and my family so all that are out there ROCK ON”

Whether she’s a clever troll that wanted to capitalize on her kick ass wedding or a regular ole’ biker chick who just wanted to live her life, I say rock on indeed, Theresa. Rock on.

(Photo: YouTube)