Brett Connelly Made Sure This Little Girl Got the Puck She Deserved

OK, so like most of you, I watched what was supposed to be a heartwarming video of Washington Capitals right winger Brett Connelly giving a little girl a hockey puck during team warm-ups. The lede made it seem like a feel-good video! But then … I watched it. And it WASN’T heartwarming or feel-good, at least not initially. The video of the 6-year-old Keelan Moxley waiting patiently for a puck had all the potential to be cute! Until that dickbag guy behind her kept stealing her goddamn pucks and handing them to the boys standing next to her. Thankfully, Connelly saw the shenanigans and didn’t give up until Keelan got her puck.

The whole thing started during team warm-ups before a Washington Capitals game. Keelan Moxley is standing at the glass, trying to get the attention of Brett Connelly. He sees her, comes over, and tosses her a puck.

“Patience pays off”. Well yes, Keelan had to have patience, because some asshole behind her kept stealing her pucks! Connelly tosses one over, and the guy snatches it out of the air and hands it to a little boy standing next to her. OK, one time, not a big deal. BUT THEN, Connelly sees that and comes over a second time to toss her a puck. AND THE ASSHOLE STEALS THAT ONE TOO! At this point, Connelly is like, what the fuck dude.

So he comes over AGAIN, for a third time, and tosses a third puck over the glass. The same asshole catches that one too, but finally hands it to Keelan.

Swear to god, that video made me seethe. And while it was first shared to be cute, literally everyone who watched it was like, waaaaaaaaait. Keelan’s face after the first puck was given to the first little boy was too sad. I appreciate Brett Connelly seeing what was going on, and not quitting until Keelan got her puck.

CBC News: The National caught up with Keelan and asked her how she felt watching her pucks get handed to little boys. I mean, she’s 6. And for a 6-year-old, she’s pretty damn smart.

Some people wondered if maybe the guy catching the pucks was Keelan’s dad, and the little boys were her brothers. Nope, just a random asshole and a couple of other tiny hockey fans.

Really glad Brett Connelly is a good guy, and Keelan got her puck. And maybe random assholes will think twice now before stealing shit that isn’t intended for them and redistributing it as they see fit.

(Image: Twitter/@darrenrovell)

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