Dress Like A Businessman While You Breastfeed! Um, No Thanks

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Over at The Guardian, Naomi McAuliffe wrote the weirdest thing you’ll ever read about neckties. Even weirder than her longwinded piece about the “sexiness” of ties? She suggests that a shirt and tie is the perfect thing to wear while breastfeeding. O-kay.

Using the closing of Tie Rack stores all over the UK as an opportunity to launch into a random rant about how women should wear shirts and ties more, McAuliffe somehow concludes that dressing like your dad is totally convenient for feeding your baby. She writes:

Plus, I have recently found a new reason to wear a shirt and tie: breastfeeding. Stick with me here. A shirt and tie mean that the top of your chest is covered so you feel less exposed; the tie provides something robust for the baby to hold and play with (I’ve had two necklaces broken while holding baby nieces), and no one would ever dare admonish a woman for breastfeeding in public if she is wearing a shirt and tie. She clearly means business and only a badass mother wears a tweed suit.

Um. I’m so confused about this. Why and how would a shirt and tie for the perfect thing to wear while breastfeeding? I guess she means that the baby can tug on the tie rather than a necklace but….wouldn’t that choke you? I haven’t personally breastfed myself, so I can’t say, but it also seems like a button-down shirt would expose even more of your breasts than a shirt specially designed for breastfeeding moms. I mean…doesn’t it flap open? So there’s the shirt flapping and the tie flapping and all the while you get to look like a businessman while feeding your baby. Doesn’t seem ideal to me, that’s for sure.

Her point about people being less likely to admonish women for breastfeeding in public if they’re wearing a shirt and tie is also…weird. You should be able to feed your baby in public no matter what you’re wearing. You can totally be a badass mother without wearing a tweed suit!

If wearing a shirt and tie works for McAuliffe while she breastfeeds, I’m all for it. But somehow I don’t think this is a trend that’s going to be catching on anytime soon.

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