Breastfeeding Is Having A Vogue Moment

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breastfeeding vogueBreastfeeding is in and you didn’t hear it from La Leche League. Now Vogue is here to capitalize on the sexiness (?) of breastfeeding by including the practice in one of their shoots for Vogue Netherlands’s October issue.

The image reportedly depicts 21-year-old Ymre Stiekema, a mother herself who posed pregnant for the magazine last year, nursing a white bonnetted bundle. But in this photograph, taken by  Dutch photographer Alique, there has yet to be word on whether the Vogue baby is Ymre’s or if there was actual breastfeeding happening on the photo sets of Vogue or if we can expect breastfeeding to be on the runways of Fashion Week next spring.

Breastfeeding babies may be an enduring “trend” in motherhood, but to Vogue it seems it’s EDGY.