Breastfeeding Memes To Get You Through That Never-Ending Nursing Session

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Breastfeeding Changes Everything

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Remember what your breasts looked like before you had babies and breastfed? As women, we all are a little self-conscious about our breasts from the time of puberty. Who knew that breastfeeding could change so much about the way your breasts look? No one really warns you about that. We take our peaches for granted, we bask in the glory of our oranges because they are real and they are spectacular. Glowing pregnancy bodies are gorgeous and sexy. Then baby comes and suddenly, those firm oranges are replaced by engorged watermelons, proving that there is, in fact, such a thing as too much of a good thing. But fear not because as all breastfeeding moms know, those over the top engorged watermelons will soon b replaced by raisins. So enjoy them while you have them.

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