Breastfeeding Memes To Get You Through That Never-Ending Nursing Session

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Breast Milk Fixes Everything

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We all know that breast milk is priceless and it is good for our babies. It’s common knowledge that if you are going to have a baby, you should probably breastfeed if you really love your child. That’s what any good mom, who wants the best for their child, would do, right? But at some point, breast milk becomes the magic elixir that heals everything. Colicky baby? Give that baby some breast milk. Slight fever? Give that baby some breast milk. Did you sprain your elbow? Put some breast milk on it. Your joints ache? Your head hurts? The baby’s got diaper rash? Rub some breast milk on it. Breast milk is the modern day Vicks VaporRub. It fixes everything.

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