Breastfeeding Memes To Get You Through That Never-Ending Nursing Session

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Mombie On The Loose

Breastfeeding Memes


Breastfeeding is a full contact blood sport. It is rough, as much as it is beautiful and miraculous. We do it because we are so in love with our newborn babies plus, to be honest, I think we are not quite ourselves after pushing a baby out of our bodies. We see things through mom colored goggles. That is the only thing that would explain why we would continue to do something that leaves us completely at the mercy of a tiny human’s every demand with no shame whatsoever. From day one, there are brutal cluster feedings. Round the clock breastfeeding marathons while you produce little to no milk and your baby cries constantly, the only thing that keeps them from crying is to shove your breast in their mouth. You don’t eat. You can’t sleep. All you can do is pray that the breastmilk scented air that you’re producing gives way to actual colostrum before the ravenous little one gnaws your nipple right off of your breast.

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