Breastfeeding Memes To Get You Through That Never-Ending Nursing Session

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Your Discomfort Is Not My Baby’s Problem

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Breastfeeding in public takes a little getting used to. It’s not natural for most of us to feel comfortable with our breasts hanging out in front of strangers unless we were a girl gone wild in a former life. But we do it because it’s how we have chosen to nourish our babies and that trumps everything else, even embarrassment. We do it long enough and we get used to breastfeeding in public so imagine how counterproductive it is to be shunned and shamed for breastfeeding our children. Babies aren’t aware of their surroundings; they are not restricted by societal expectations. They cry when they’re hungry and we feed them, we don’t care who sees. Your discomfort is not our problem.

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