If You’re So Uncomfortable With Me Breastfeeding In Public, Stop Looking, Weirdo

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I was very discreet when I breastfed my first child – to the point of discomfort. I never let it stop me from feeding him when he was hungry, but I was armed with wraps, blankets, cover-ups – anything to ensure the dreaded nipple flash wouldn’t happen. The only thing I succeeded in doing with this was basically creating a sweat lodge for my poor child. I’m not even a bashful person, but the social stigma around breastfeeding in public really got to me.

I used to work brunch in a restaurant in Brooklyn. Every Sunday a woman and her family would come in for what seemed to be their weekend ritual. Dad would read the paper, the kids would play amongst themselves and mom would sit down and without fail whip out her boob ad basically lay it on the table until she was ready to feed. Okay, it would only be out for few seconds – but the way that the other customers responded to her was amazing. The whole room would be transfixed for those few seconds.

I remember thinking, what is she doing? Why is she being so blatant about it? But then I came to the conclusion that she was basically my hero. I’m using her as my spirit animal this time around. I breastfeed my child whenever and wherever she needs it. The best way to combat this breastfeeding boob-phobia that is so pervasive in our culture is to just whip them out, I’ve decided. Screw you, screw him, screw her – screw everyone around me that has a problem with it. There is no problem. If you have a problem, you are the problem.

Basically what I’m saying is, our culture is totally f-ed up. We glorify violence, we fight for lax gun laws, we sexualize everything but we are totally offended by a woman feeding her child.

Why don’t all of you who are so anti-breastfeeding in public get angry about something that really matters? Like poverty? Or how pervasive violence is in the media and popular culture? We need to show more titties, and less violence. We need to stop harassing women for breastfeeding.  And if it makes you really uncomfortable- you need to reach into your psyche, and think Why?

We have a hell of a lot of problems in this country- and nipples didn’t cause any of them.
I’m pro-boob, and you should be, too.

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