Breast-Milk Diet: Man Lives Entirely Off His Wife’s Milk

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First-time father Curtis gives a whole new meaning to the terms “liquid diet.” He’s on a mission to consume nothing but his wife’s breast milk for as long as he can. You see, Curtis’ wife Katie is a milk machine. The mother of three – she’s also a doula and childbirth educator – has hundreds of bottles of frozen breast milk in the freezer. And there’s no way their nine-month-old baby will have a chance to drink them all before they go bad. So Curtis, who has digestive problems, figured why not drink it all himself?

Curtis is writing about his experiment on his blog, Don’t Have a Cow, Man. He outlines the rules, which are as follow:

Nothing to eat or drink except breast milk.

Blog daily about how I am feeling and how it is going.
See how many days I can make it without other food.
Anything else people might want to know?

He also provides his vital stats. Curtis is 6’4″ and weighs 185 pounds, which means he requires around 2,000 calories a day. Katie’s breast milk contains 27 to 32 calories per ounce (they had it tested), so Curtis will need to drink 66 ounces of breast milk a day if plans on getting his recommended caloric intake each day. That’s a whole lot of breast milk!

Today marks day three of his breast-milk diet and so far, so good. Curtis drank 44 ounces on day one and says he didn’t feel hungry or overly full, just satisfied. On day two, he drank 66 ounces and, as he explains on his blog, “Hunger is pretty much non-existent and manifests itself mostly as thirst. I quench the thirst 16 ounces at a time and that keeps me satisfied from 2 to 4 hours. I feel good, happy on a full belly, and I feel that it should go well. I may even be sad when all the milk is gone from the freezer… ”

And today, the third day of his diet, Curtis writes: “Much more hungry yesterday, 104 ounces consumed, roughly 3120 calories. Near the end of the day I started craving solid foods, so I drank more milk and it satisfied my hunger. I am really enjoying the milk now and am always surprised how each glass tastes different.”

For those wondering why the couple doesn’t just donate Katie’s breast milk to another baby in need, they explain that they indeed tried. In fact, Katie donated her breast milk after giving birth to her other two children, but she did not find a mother in need this time around – and shipping the milk to an actual milk bank was too expensive for the couple. In terms of her own child, Katie plans to feed her until she’s two years old.

Not surprisingly, people are totally grossed out by this experiment, as evidenced in the comment section of Curtis’ blog. But there are just as many supporters out there, many of whom question why we even drink cow’s milk, for example, instead of our own.

Whatever your feelings on the subject, it’ll be interesting to see how far Curtis gets with his new diet, that’s for sure. We’ll be checking back often.