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Breast Cancer Awareness Is Always Great Even If It Comes In The Form Of A Cheesy Paula Abdul Video

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breast cancer ribbon in hands

Breast cancer awareness is a cause close to my heart. I have written before about how breast cancer has touched my life. I have a grandmother, aunt and cousin who have all been diagnosed with the disease and my mother found out earlier this year that she was positive for the BRCA gene that makes a woman more likely to develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Our family has had a year of surgeries, recoveries and scary conversations. That said, whenever I see a celebrity trying to bring attention to this terrible disease I take notice.

Last I saw Paula Abdul, she was acting a fool on American Idol and making Simon Cowell roll his eyes. The judging gig was mildly entertaining but my favorite Paula of all time was early 1990’s Paula with the super cheesy music videos and amazing outfits. That Paula is back in full force with her new music video produced in conjunction with Avon as part of their “Check Yourself” campaign. As Jezebel noted, the video is silly but gets the message across to the public in a catchy manner. Behold:


I will admit to feeling like Shrek and Donkey at the end of the “Welcome to Duloc” animatronic greeting after watching this. I was sort of not sure what to do next and just sat there stunned for a moment. But you know, it’s pretty cute, very catchy and has an easily digested message. I think a lot of women bury their heads in the sand when it comes to breast cancer and the fact is, early detection means everything. One of my family members caught her cancer in the early stages because of the self-exams she routinely performed. Another relative had a clean mammogram mere months before finding a lump on her own that turned out to be cancer. We are our own best method for detecting lumps in our breasts and it’s good to see reminders now and then to take care of ourselves and be our own best health advocates.

As far as the “pinkwashing” during the month of October, I will admit to cringing a bit at how “cute” some companies try to make breast cancer with everything being pink and the dumb slogans like “big or small, let’s save them all” but I am not stupid- I know that awareness is good for the cause, no matter what. I guess I come at it from the standpoint of having witnessed several loved ones endure the horrible bitch that is breast cancer and trust me- it was anything but cutesy and adorable. If it keeps money coming in to find a cure for this awful disease, then I will continue to roll my eyes through any cheesy music video Paula Abdul can throw at me. Now, if you will need me, I will be watching Forever Your Girl and Straight Up.

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