All The Brands And Companies That Used To Be Known By A Different Name

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Name recognition means a lot to brands looking to secure their place in competitive markets. People don’t say, “Hey, let’s go grab a cup of coffee at The Bean Shop”, you know? They say Starbucks! Company names have become part of our vocabulary, and they’re as recognizable as our own family’s names in a lot of cases. When you’re traveling to a new area, you can always find what you need if you know your fav company’s name. McDonald’s is McDonald’s no matter where you are in the world. But did you know that some the most recognizable companies in the world used to be known by different names?

Sure, these companies all hoped to become big players in the game when they started. But considering the names some of them had when they started out, they might not have realized just how big they’d get. Or maybe they wanted to rebrand and start moving in a different direction. So at some point, they smartly changed their names. And thus, some of the most recognizable company and brand names in the world were born! We’ll just be honest here – it’s a good thing they made the change, too. Some of these early names are absolutely hilarious.

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