Someone Actually Wants To Marry One Of The Men Convicted Of Killing ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Brandon Teena

Brandon TeenaDzhokhar Tsarnaev isn’t the only murderer accruing a giddy fan base. In yet another instance of Ted Bundy love-letter sending, one of the “Boys Don’t Cry” killers is going to be somebody’s husband. You know, because sexually assaulting a transgender man, Brandon Teena, and consequently murdering makes him such a great spousal candidate.

John Lotter, now aged 41, is slated to walk down the aisle — or something — with 50-year-old Jeanne Bissonnette. The Washington-based fiancee reportedly applied for a marriage license with the trans-hating Lotter at the courthouse in Tecumseh, Nebraska.

For those not familiar with the infamous 1993 murder, the details are as follows:

Lotter and Marvin Thomas Nissen targeted Brandon Teena, 21, of Lincoln, who was born female but lived as a man and dated women. They sought to silence Teena because he reported to authorities that he was raped by the men after they learned his biological gender. They also killed two others staying in the house: Lisa Lambert, 24, and Phillip DeVine, 22.

The case inspired a 1999 film that won actress Hilary Swank an Academy Award for her portrayal of Brandon Teena.

When asked directly about his impending nuptials, Lotter declined to speak on them telling the press, ”I’d really like to keep this part of me as private as I can.”

His accomplice Nissen also had a marriage in the works back in 2007 after he reportedly started receiving love letters. The engagement ultimately fell through.

Lotter maintains that he didn’t actually murder Brandon, but that’s not good enough according to the law:

At trial in 1995, Nissen testified that Lotter fired the gun that killed all three victims. Nissen downplayed his involvement, saying he only stabbed Teena…In 2007, Nissen recanted and said that he both fired the gun and wielded the knife. But he maintained that Lotter was present during the killings. Under Nebraska’s felony murder law, Lotter’s presence in the farmhouse at the time of the killings was enough to result in first-degree murder convictions.

Stellar husband material all the way.


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