Brandi Glanville Can Pull Off A Postpartum Bikini So She Should Not Talk, Says Daily Fail

Brandi Glanville picturesIf anyone is sick of Brandi Glanville talking, it’s me. Believe me. I’m the one who can’t even swing around a Beyonce headline without bumping into the latest chapter in the Brandi Glanville LeAnn Rimes saga, and for those of you who find yourself in exceedingly long grocery store lines right along the tabloid shelf, I’m sure you feel the same way. But ever one to go the extra sleazy sexist mile, the Daily Mail says that since Brandi Glanville can pull off a postpartum bikini, she should just stop talking period.

When commenting on some new bikini pics of Brandi Glanville, Daily Mail observes:

Brandi hates LeAnn Rimes… and she can’t stand Adrienne Maloof; the former wrecked her marriage and the latter, well, she’s a liar and her love-life makes her sick.

So, it’s nice for Brandi Glanville, 40, to shut the heck up for a moment and let her fantastic physique do the talking.

Because looking THIS good after being cuckolded by a younger woman, LeAnn is 30, really is revenge enough.

That’s right, lady. Stop boring us with your absurd lady thoughts and just talk with your smokin’ body. Because that sentiment doesn’t tap into some deeply and fundamentally problematic ways of assessing women. Albeit, whenever Brandi does talk it’s about how rape is just so hilariously funny and her kid accidently ate someone’s laxative. But surely we can respond to — or ignore — such inane chatter without scrambling for misogynistic one-liners.


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