Of Course Brad Pitt Donates Money To Sick Babies! Just, Of Course He Does!

Brad PittThere is a really touching tale going around about Brad Pitt donating money to help sick babies. While it’s awesome, I don’t understand why everyone is acting so surprised. Of course Brad Pitt helps babies. He’s beautiful and a caring dad and talented and he fights for marriage equality and he helps babies. This makes plenty of sense, guys.

So the story goes like this. Tricia Wilson-Hughes works at a gift shop in Lulworth, England. Brad Pitt’s World War Z happened to be filming in the area. Wilson-Hughes was concerned that the movie would hamper a charity even she was organizing for the Southampton hospital’s neonatal care unit. A friend of her’s had an infant in the hospital with gastroschisis (a condition where part of the bowel protrudes through the abdomen) and she wanted to help the hard-working doctors and nurses out.

So, this smart lady did what any good non-profit organizer would have done. She asked the crew from World War Z that were hanging around if they would donate to help her cause. Most of them handed her £5 notes, which was wonderful. Then, Wilson-Hughes saw Pitt’s security guards and asked if the actor could pitch in a little. The man came back with £700 and said, “He said if he had more he would have given it.”

Of course Brad Pitt just empties his wallet for people asking for money to help sick babies! Of course!

Understandably, Tricia Wilson-Hughes was floored. The hospital was extremely thankful. And women everywhere felt their ovaries sigh with admiration. Because that’s what Brad Pitt does. He makes ovaries swoon.

To be fair, Brad Pitt and his soon-to-be wife, Angelina Jolie, do lots of amazing things to help children around the globe all the time. They’ve donated a whole lot more than £700 to worthy causes. They are truly A-listers that seem committed to giving back. This story is just another amazing example of how generous some celebrities can be.

Still, Brad Pitt’s awesomeness is just getting so predictable.

(Photo: Michael Carpenter/WENN)

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