Grab Your Kleenex: Little Boy Reunites With Stuffed Monkey And Ruins Your Mascara

How many of us have had one of our kids forget a favorite stuffed lovey or blanket somewhere and watched as our child sobs inconsolably when their comfort object can’t be found? I know I have dealt with this childhood tragedy. Which is why when my kids fall in love with something I always try and purchase a duplicate for safekeeping.

On Today Moms we see an adorable video about a little boy being reunited with his own lovey.

A little boy went on vacation camping with his family and lost his beloved stuffed monkey. As the years went by the family forgot about the monkey, except the mom who decided to check on e-Bay on a whim while she was searching for a viola for her other child. She found a duplicate stuffed monkey and when he arrived in the mail she was shocked to discover that this was not just a stuffed animal that was similar to the toy her young son had, it was the same monkey!

This video of a little boy being reunited with his stuffed monkey “Ah Ah” will break your heart.
[youtube_iframe id=”Lk34j3HUJbE”]

I love how his little face crumples in tears as his mom points out the familiar Velveteen rabbit love marks on Ah-Ah, the scorch marks from the dryer, the tag that the little boy had cut off of the monkey, the pieces of mulch embedded in his fur that prove he is the same stuffed animal the little boy had loved and lost. What a wonderful mom for finding Ah ha and giving her son a chance to love him again.

Kids grow up so fast and even though the boy in the video is now older it’s so sweet to see his reaction when he sees his beloved stuffed monkey again. I’m trying to keep track of my own kid’s most beloved toys so they can one day give them to their kids if they decide to have any. I like to think that one day the little stuffed monkey Ah Ah will find a new child who will adore him as much as his first owner and he will sleep soundly in the bed next to another child.

(Photo: Steve Mann/ Shutterstock)

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