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The Boy Scouts Will Let Gay Kids Join But Not Gay Adults In A Semi-Sorta-Kinda-Fake Nod To Equality

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Boy Scouts To Allow Gay Kids But Not Gay Adults Yesterday some people were rejoicing because the Boy Scouts Of America voted to lift the bigot ban that banned gay kids and teens from joining the BSA, but they kept the ban on gay leaders firmly in place. That means if your gay child is a devoted scout and wants to grow up to be a scout leader when he becomes an adult he can’t do that. Nor can any gay parents participate in the program in leader roles if their kids are scouts. 61percent of 1,400 voting members of the BSA’s National Council voted to “remove the restriction denying membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation alone.” But the ban on adults leaders is you know, still there to remind everyone that the BSA is only sorta semi but not really tolerant.

Even though I guess this news is sort of nice kinda (But I won’t be celebrating until they become fully inclusive) , a lot of people took to the Twitterverse to ragequit their support of the BSA forever because they feel this new policy is VERY DISAPPOINTING.

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And Mr. Fisher’s comment is so offensive because the BSA had their little child molestation problem well before yesterday and I am pretty sure the vast majority of homosexuals hate child molesters as much as the next person. I’m talking about the normal homosexual population here, and not the idiots at NAMBLA.

I’m still not getting my kids involved in scouting. I’m happy for the gay youths who are pleased about this new ruling but I can’t help but think they will be sad when they become adults and can no longer be involved in the organization. Do they give them a merit badge and then send them on their way, never to participate in the BSA again? And what sort of message does this send to gay kids? The message is basically that you are okay now, but as soon as you grow up to be a gay adult you are not okay enough to be involved in scouting.

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