Bay Area Boy Scout Council Awesomely Makes History By Being The First To Challenge The Anti-Gay Policy

shutterstock_106306328The conversation — and disappointment — over Boy Scouts’s “no gays” policy continues with the very first Boy Scout council saying they’re not OK with the lock and step. And they’ve now made history by saying precisely that. reports that the Mount Diablo-Silverado Council, in the California bay area, is the “first in the nation to publicly call for the Boy Scouts of America to drop its policy banning openly gay adults and youth.”

The council reportedly threw together a survey of over one million adult members about the scary H word (“homosexuality”) within Boy Scouts. The council then learned that 81 percent of current Boy Scouts believed the organization should drop the anti-gay ban. Sixty-five percent of all respondents were in favor of doing the same.

Scout Executive John Fenoglio says that the data touched on a lot more than that though:

“It was not just the data that was so compelling; many of the responses got to the heart of the issue,” wrote Scout Executive John Fenoglio in the council newsletter. “As an example, respondent number 104: ‘We are so proud of everything scouting does for our sons and our community, but we are so ashamed of the national anti-gay policy. Please change the national policy, so that we do not have to apologize to our friends and family that our son is an Eagle Scout.'”

Bear in mind that this is the very same council that famously didn’t let openly gay Ryan Andresen achieve his Eagle Scout status.

The Mount Diablo-Silverado Council now says that their council “cannot be held hostage by monolithic ideologies.” Let the national pressure begin.

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