Bored Moms Have Made The Tooth Fairy Ridiculously High Maintenance‏

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4. Make The Tooth Fairy Do Confetti Poops In Your Toilet

Jesus Christ. Check this out– drop shiny confetti into the toilet and leave a note about the fairy “having to tinkle.” I only wish I were making this up.

lucille eye roll


5. Photoshopped Tooth Fairy Creeper Pics

Oh, good grief. This exists and I really just can’t. Take a photo of your sleeping child to upload to the website and then, Photoshop the Tooth Fairy into the picture. Is this really where we are headed, parents?

don't get it


6. The Elf Helps The Tooth Fairy

In what I can only dub the most unholy of unions, you could enlist your Elf on the Shelf to “help” the Tooth Fairy. Worlds colliding in the lamest of ways. Although, I would like to tie up that creepy little Elf with dental floss. That sounds downright therapeutic.

srsly guise


In conclusion, a dollar under the pillow is pretty damn thrilling for a first grader and I just don’t think the theatrics are necessary. Why keep setting the bar so high? It will only get more difficult to astound your small child if everything they do gets the Pinterest treatment. What’s next, sprinkling glitter on their first poop on the potty? BRB, going to look that up as it most certainly already exists.

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