10 Ways To Boost Your Baby’s Brain Power

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Be attentive and focused on your baby.

dad and newborn

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We know it can be hard, giving your baby your full, undivided attention all of the time. And it’s not always possible, especially if you have other kids at home! But when you’re with your baby, giving them your focus and being attentive helps them attach to you emotionally and makes them feel secure. This in turn allows them to focus their own energies on other things like exploration and learning.

Choose the right toys for your baby.

new baby toys

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Not all baby toys are created equal, and truth be told, your baby doesn’t need very many toys! Look for toys that allow your baby to explore and interact. Toys like building blocks are great for developing something called “if-then reasoning”. If your baby puts a large block on a small block, what happens? It falls over. But the next time they put the small block on the large block and it stays, their developing brains will “hard wire” that reasoning.

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