10 Ways To Boost Your Baby’s Brain Power

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Use body massage to help develop your baby’s emotional security.

baby massage

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The loving, gentle touches a baby feels when mom or dad is massaging them can help decrease their stress and help build their feelings of emotional security. Massage can also help young babies grow and get stronger! In fact, research has shown that preemies who are massaged three times a day leave the hospital sooner than babies who aren’t massaged.

Turn your baby into a bookworm (and boost your baby’s brain power!) by reading to them.

baby and mom reading

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Developing a baby’s receptive language (understanding spoken words) is more important in infancy than developing their expressive language, and reading to your baby is a great way to start building those skills. Start with books with big, colorful images and easy, repetitive words and word play, and always say the noises! Babies get a kick out of hearing the noises. There are so many books to have at home for your little ones, but these are some of our favorites.

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