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8 Ways Boobs Are Just Like Guns

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Both Are Often Touched Without Permission

Whether we are talking about a douche-rocket 8th grade boy trying to impress his friends by opening Dad’s gun safe or a guy on a first date fumbling around trying to figure out his next move- it is always wise to ask permission before getting all handsy.

Both Come In All Shapes And Sizes

For every kind of boob that exists, there is a different kind of gun and vice versa. The possibilities are practically limitless.

Certain People Are Uncomfortable Discussing Them

Boobs and guns can both prove to be polarizing topics depending on your audience and I completely understand the controversy. I mean, one of these things kills people and the other sustains life, makes sex more enjoyable, changes the way a sweater looks and causes “stumbling blocks” in a marriage. I can totally grasp why they are both touchy (see what I did there?) topics people have trouble talking about since they are so very much THE SAME.

Both Need A Holster Of Some Kind

Just like you can’t go around in public Free Boobing, one also cannot carry a gun on their person without a proper holding apparatus. I would venture that one is far more comfortable to wear all day than the other, just sayin.

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