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8 Ways Boobs Are Just Like Guns

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We had a very interesting day on Mommyish yesterday. It was the start of National Breastfeeding Week so we talked about all of the reasons we don’t cover up while nursing.  An anonymous commenter showed up to drop some serious knowledge on us all about how breastfeeding in public is JUST like open carry gun laws.


Naturally, a spirited and intelligent debate ensued. Such sound logic and a totally obvious tie-in. It made all of us in the Mommyish offices wonder why we had never thought of it before. Boobs and guns have SO many things in common- it was only a matter of minutes before we had come up with several examples that we thought it pertinent to share with you, our valued readership.

They Both Shoot Things Out Of Them

We are dealing with milk and bullets. The parallels are crystal clear.

Men (And Some Women) Love Playing With Them

This cannot be denied. Guns and titties. Is there anything more fun?

If One Is Visible In Public, Someone Might Scream

Whip out a boob or a gun- either way, someone is probably going to lose their shit and duck for cover.

Both Are Frequently Mishandled

Ask any survivor of an accidental shooting or any woman who’s dated a guy who loved the always horrible Tune In Tokyo move- there are numerous ways to fuck up when touching both boobies and guns.

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