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This Body Positive Photo Shoot Cost a Woman Her Job Because Everything Is Stupid

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A woman is out of a job after a body positive photo shoot she did with her fiance went viral. Stephanie and Arryn, from Overton, Texas, recently did a boudoir-style shoot with Bria Terry of Wolf & Rose Photography, and the images are seriously stunning.

"A moment,a smile;a single burstof laughterthat sounds exactly likethe restof my life." -Tyler Knott…

Posted by Wolf & Rose Photography on Thursday, September 14, 2017

Bria posted the images from the body positive photo shoot on her Facebook page, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Then, says Stephanie, her employer got wind of the shoot.

body positive photo shoot

Image: Facebook/Wolf & Rose Photography

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Stephanie said Arryn made her feel comfortable and confident. “He looks at me all the time, but the way he looked at me during the photo shoot, I could feel it was different because I could focus on him.” They were surprised by the attention the photos got. Arryn called her at work to tell her their photos had been shared more than 30,000 times. He said, “I know this helps you and I’m glad we did this. I wouldn’t change anything. I know that this makes you happy.”

body positive photo shoot

Image: Facebook/Wolf & Rose Photography

Stephanie’s happiness quickly soured. Shortly after the pictures went viral, her employer approached her with “concerns.”

Austin Texas Bank N.A. told Stephanie they were a family company, and were concerned with how the photos would reflect on the company. Says Stephanie, “They said I was topless and it was inappropriate and we’re a family-oriented company.”

The bank then fired Stephanie. Stephanie disagrees with their decision, and calls it disheartening.

“I was a model employee, I was moving up fast. I had a promotion within seven months. This one thing, for me, was the reason I was booted,” she told Buzzfeed.

However, she is still very proud of the photos, as is Arryn.

“He knows it puts out a good message and helps me in my self confidence, and how I feel about myself. He’s all about it.” The couple recently found out they’re expecting a baby boy, so there’s a lot to celebrate. Even so, we’re sorry to know that photos of a beautiful, confident woman could be considered “bad”. We wish the couple the best of luck in the future.

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(Image: Facebook/Wolf & Rose Photography)