Blue Ivy’s Face Makes Its Debut In Beyonce Documentary Tonight

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38774731410Beyonce and Jay-Z have been notoriously adept at hiding their little spawn’s mug. Leaked Blue Ivy pics from screen grabs of Beyonce’s upcoming documentary, Life Is But A Dream popped up online last night. It seems Jay-Z has figured out a way to clone himself, in an adorable little female form.

It’s so weird when people tell you your child does or doesn’t look like you. It’s one of those kind of annoying things you put up with when having a baby. You can never quite tell if the commentary is a compliment or an insult.

Oh my God! Your baby is so adorable! He looks nothing like you!

Oh my God! What a beautiful baby! He looks exactly like your husband!

Oh my God! That baby is gorgeous! He looks nothing like his father!

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. I always try to make a conscious effort not to make these types of comments, but in this case – I just can’t stop myself. This child is adorable. And she looks exactly like Jay-Z.

I’m a little sad that these images were leaked. I was all set to be surprised tonight when I watch Life Is But A Dream. Yes, I have totally DVR’d it. There’s no shame in my game. Frankly, I wasn’t sure if she was even going to show Blue Ivy. I’m glad she did though, because come on – babies are adorable. And who doesn’t want to see what the offspring of these two mega-stars looks like.

I just hope we also get a glimpse of some of her baby goods. I’ll be disappointed if she doesn’t have a solid gold crib or something. Her parents are famously extravagant. I’m dying to see the million dollar nursery Jay is said to have rented in the brand new Barclay’s Stadium – so Blue has a comfy place to play while her parents watch the Nets.

Sorry Beyonce. I’m doing that annoying thing people do – you know, forget all about you when your baby comes along. I know this is your documentary. Don’t feel bad. My mom forgot my birthday the first year after my child was born. I’m sure you’ll get your spotlight back eventually.

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