Blue Ivy Carter Is The Cutest Famous Baby So All The Other Famous Babies Can Sit Right Down

Oh man, I’ll just be sitting over her with my ovaries exploding in baby want due to this new picture of Princess Blue Ivy of BeyonceJayzAtopia. Everything is adorable about this , her little boots, her little monogrammed jacket, how she is holding daddy’s hand. All it takes is a cute toddler in a pair of floral Doc Martens and I’ve got baby fever-rrrrrrrrrrr.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 6.14.41 AM

I wonder where they are going? I bet it’s someplace adorable, like to eat cupcakes or pet baby goats or something. Or to buy more cute hipster clothes! I know we all get a bit annoyed at parents who force their fashion sense on their own kids, but I’m sorry, this is flippin’ cute as can be. I miss the days for being to dress my kids all cute because now that they are older all their clothes are BORING. It’s hard to get excited about jeans and sneakers and sweatshirts.

I don’t know how I deal with this because my baby making days are over, but maybe some of you all with adorable children can make me feel better by posting snaps of them in the comments. Or at the very least, your kitties and puppies.

(IMage: Instagram)


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