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Blue Ivy Turned Two And Received More Birthday Wishes Than Anyone Ever

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This is super adorable and sort of disturbing. Yesterday was Blue Ivy Carter‘s birthday and the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay Z received so many virtual greetings that her parents decided to create a tumblr just to showcase them.

Some of the images are super cute:





And some of them seem like excuses for dudes to post selfies:



I guess still cute but ugh, it’s sort of strange when you see hundreds of strangers saying “we love you” to a child that no one knows. I guess it is good to love ALL children but is Blue Ivy really that more spectacular than Mary Beth from Iowa? It’s hard for me to be super critical of this because I also bow down to Beyoncé, but part of me worries that this sort of puts poor little Blue up for a lot of pressure no kid needs, much less a two-year-old. What if she grows up not to be a performer and  just to be a dental hygienist? What if her heart lies in working as a cashier at a 7-11? Will she be any less deserving of love and adoration if she never follows in her über famous parents footsteps?

And most importantly, how will Kimye follow this up for baby North? They cannot, because everything B and J do is infinitely cooler and they did it first so Kimye should just go ahead and rent out Las Vegas now for North’s birthday and I don’t know, buy her a diamond encrusted tiger or something.