Blue Ivy and Her $11,000 Princess Dress Upstaged Everyone at the VMAs

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    For the past week my toddler has only wanted to read Fancy Nancy, which is a book about a little girl who wants everything to be fancy, including her family, so she dresses everyone up in tulle and feathers. Nancy is pretty fancy, but last night Blue Ivy appeared on the red carpet at the VMAs and out-fancied everybody, even Beyonce. That’s pretty hard to do, especially since Beyonce was wearing a sheer, sparkly evening gown with big feather angel wings on her shoulders. But Blue Ivy is impossibly adorable.

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Blue Ivy does seem to have a predilection for giant poofy princess dresses. At last year’s Grammy awards, Blue Ivy was visibly agog over Rihanna’s enormous, hot pink Giambattista Valli gown. To be fair, so was I. Rihanna’s dress was poofy and pink and it twirled. It was a toddler fantasy come to life. (I am a grown-ass woman and if you let me wear it, I would cry big fat tears of joy.)

Blue Ivy doesn’t wear big poofy dresses very often–in real life she tends to be dressed in high-end play clothes and cute little toddler dresses, and lately she’s been dressing to match Beyonce a lot-but now she has a poofy dress of her own. I think it might be even poofier than Rihanna’s.

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Beyonce’s angel gown is by couture designer Francesco Scognamiglio, who used to be with Versace. According to Page Six, Blue Ivy’s dress was by luxury children’s designer Mischka Aoki. It’s called the “Grand Royalle” and can be purchased for $10,950. You know, if you’re in the market for that sort of thing.

Blue Ivy may have fancier places to go than most toddlers, but she grows just as quickly as any small child. So now I’m wondering: Who gets Blue Ivy’s hand-me-downs?