‘Don’t Put Your Toddler To Sleep On A Cafe Counter’ Is Something That Shouldn’t Need To Be Said

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Blogger Kate Oliver spends a lot of time staring at her kids while they nap. She also spends a lot of time dressing her sleeping children and taking photos of them. So I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that she thought it was totally cool to stand on a cafe counter to document her child’s nap time.


This is how she got the shot:


Get Off My Internets posted the photo duo yesterday, with the headline, Kate Oliver Will Take Her Pictures No Matter What. My years in food service are making me respond with, “Gross. Why is this woman standing on a table with her dirty shoes?” But my years as a mom are making me respond with, “Oh my God this woman has won parenting. How does she get her child to nap so soundly?”

Oliver’s 45,000 Instagram followers prove she has some internet celebrity, and as such may have been allowed some privileges us common folk wouldn’t – i.e. putting our child to sleep behind the counter at a coffee shop. Also standing on a cafe table without being asked to leave. The shop obviously had no problem with it — they posted the shots to their Instagram page as well.

Rock That Nap is the name of her blog. It’s totally devoted to photographing her sleeping children in different costumes. I’m seriously impressed that this woman can get her sleeping children into costumes. At the same time I’m wondering why she’s spending time staring at her kids when they nap. That’s one of the only times of the day when they aren’t crawling all over me and I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend it taking pictures of their adorable little faces.

So although I’m impressed with her dedication to her project, I’m still going to have to say, “Please get your dirty feet of that cafe counter.” Seriously, that is just gross. I’m assuming food is prepared there — and the cafe is open. And the sleeping child on the counter? Ugh. No.