My Fiancé Has To Regularly Rotate The Photo Of The Kids On His Phone

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But, these days, there are not just photos on phone screens. In my house, because of this blended family of six, there are five iPads, three iPhones, and four laptops. Which means computers, iPads, and phones are being “cracked” into, at all hours of the day and night, so we can all have photos of ourselves up on every screen possible.

It’s such a small slice of life, this cracking in to go into the “settings” and put up our own photo on my fiancé’s iPhone. However, it proves that in blended families, sometimes it’s the littlest things that can set off jealousy.

I admit I was in fairy tale land when we all started living together (his girls with us 50 percent of the time, my daughter 100 per cent of the time, and our son 100 per cent of the time) because everyone got along so damn well. Finally! My daughter had sisters! Finally, my fiancé’s kids had another sibling to play with because “real” siblings get sick of each other. Then the baby came, and, yay! Everyone was so excited to have a brother!

But now, I can clearly see, even if the children can’t voice this, who is jealous of whom and why. My daughter went, in just over a year, to living with me alone, to sharing her house with my fiancé, two other children, and a new baby. She no longer is an only child. She’s a middle child with siblings and now can’t sleep in my bed every day. She’s jealous of my relationship with my fiancé and the fact that my time can no longer be spent just with her, because of the baby too.

His children are jealous of my daughter and all her fancy toys and also because they no longer just have “Dad.” They have to deal with another TWO siblings (my daughter and their brother). My fiancé gets jealous when I want to spend the night with my daughter alone and I get jealous too.

Over what? I’m not quite sure, but I do know that I WANT MY DAMN PHOTO ON HIS IPHONE sometimes.

I know this doesn’t really matter, but now it’s become such a part of our household routine that it’s become somewhat of a game, like hide and go seek.

In one night, when all the kids are with us, my fiancé’s iPhone photo could be changed 12 times. So, yes, why doesn’t he just change his password? Because his daughters like to text their friends and need his phone and we don’t really believe in hiding things. Why don’t we have one family photo – of ALL of us – on his phone? We had a professional photographer come and take photos of all the children, but we don’t have a photo of all of us together. (Try getting FOUR females to agree on a photo where we ALL look good.)

And even with this portrait of all the children, each child wants to sometimes be featured individually. ALONE!

Maybe it happens like this in all families. I wouldn’t know. I do know that right now there are no kids around and that my fiancé’s iPhone is sitting right beside me. Take one guess what I’m about to do.

(photo: D. Hammonds / Shutterstock)

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