Parents Had To Assure Blake Lively That Their Kids Wouldn’t Blab About Her Wedding

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Blake LivelySo that’s how Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds kept their wedding, complete with a reception under a tent,  so hush hush. Turns out there were was a predictable round of confidentiality agreements — but not just for the caterers. Ten specific kids were granted attendance to the secret event and their parents had to promise to keep their own mouths shut. Now, that’s a parental liability if I ever heard one.

People magazine reports that the Gossip Girl enjoyed a children’s choir belting “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” by Frankie Valli as she walked down the aisle. The children were from the First Baptist Church School in town. And although the parents were notified, they also had to sign their kids and themselves to secrecy:

To protect the couple’s privacy, and ensure the discretion and secrecy of the day, the parents of the kids singing were given non-disclosure agreements to sign, and their cell phones were taken before the ceremony began.

It would appear that those parents kept to their word and the young singers didn’t circulate any digital pics either, as the school only learned of the students’ presence on the radio. Still, the risk of a modern kid wandering towards Facebook or Twitter or even a simple text in one evening is a daunting one given the consequences. Imagine being the parent on the other end of that accusatory phone call. YOUR TWEEN RUINED BLAKE LIVELY’s WEDDING! Oh, the shame.

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