So Blake Lively Is A Pretty Crappy Babysitter…

blake livelyPoor Blake Lively got stuck babysitting her nephew while she was trying to promote her new R-Rated, extremely mature movie, Savages. Stars, they’re just like us! Babysitting for family and all that.

Except I don’t know if my brother, who is also childless and working in the entertainment industry, would take my daughter into the spotlight just to crack a joke. Actually, I know that he wouldn’t. He’s… ya know… responsible.

So here’s the deal. Apparently Blake Lively was babysitting her young nephew, Baylen, while making the press rounds for her new movie. The only problem was that “forgot” to schedule anyone to help her out with the little guy while she was on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” So, Blake just brings her nephew along on the show with an iPad for entertainment.

What follows is Blake and Jimmy trying to explain Savages in a way that wouldn’t traumatize a young child. They talk about “two boys and a girl cuddling all at the same time,” and Blake’s character “getting to play in a cage like the animals at the zoo.” I guess it’s supposed to be funny to hear them explain an extremely mature plot in acceptable kiddie talk. Really, it was just a little disturbing.

And I guess the whole reason it bugged me, is that I know that little boy didn’t have to be on stage! I’ve actually been in the place to speak with talk shows about bringing my daughter along to the taping. I’ve been assured, “Of course there’s people here who can sit with your little one in a green room while you’re on the show.” I know that it’s an option. And I have a feeling that Lively travels with plenty of managers, assistants, etc, that she trusts to watch her nephew for all of 15 minutes.

Lively brought her nephew onto that stage so that she and Fallon could make a joke about the extremely graphic and grown-up content of her movie. And whether the little boy spent the whole segment playing on his iPad or not, he didn’t need to be there to listen to it. And if it were my child, I don’t think I would want her sitting there while Lively talked about having a bag or “fun mask” on her head and a jump rope around her neck. It wasn’t cute, it was inappropriate.

So, sorry Blake, when it comes to babysitting, I think you have a few lessons to learn. First and foremost, don’t exploit the child to make a joke.

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