Fertility Specialist And Bitcoin Evangelist Uses Newborn To Shill His Favorite Currency

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bitcoinsIn Brea, California, fertility specialist Dr. C. Terence Lee is making a surprising claim. Using a photo of an adorable baby, he announced the world’s first “Bitcoin Baby.” No, this isn’t the story of a baby bought on the black market, but rather a baby conceived thanks to a discounted fertility treatment which was paid for using bitcoins. I don’t know about you, but personally I would feel pretty icky about getting a discounted medical treatment so some doctor can push an internet trend.

Bitcoins are an experimental digital currency that is gaining traction on Wall Street. D. Lee is reportedly the first fertility specialist to accept bitcoins as payment for medical treatments. Not that there is much of a market for it right now.

A self proclaimed bitcoin evangelist, Lee offered his clients a big discount if they would consider paying with bitcoins. Not surprisingly, most people balked. According to Lee, “In some cases they reacted like I said I wanted to be paid in vials of crack cocaine.”

Eventually, a returning client took him up on his offer of a 50 percent discount for a fertility treatment and out of that transaction came the world’s first “bitcoin child.” I seriously question the ethics of a doctor who would discount his services to promote some untested currency. It makes me wonder how much he values his services.

Proponents of bitcoins say they are a way for the common person to take back finance. But the baby Dr. Lee is advertising as the first child “bought” with bitcoins is a real child. I don’t think fertility treatments, or any medical treatment really, is the best way to promote such a volatile currency.

In this case it seems to have worked out well. The parents have their baby and Dr. Lee has his bitcoins. But  I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable leaving my health and fertility up to a discounted transaction bought with internet money.

(Photo: Alfonso de Tomas / Shutterstock)