It Took Me 3 Days To Recover From My 9-Year-Old’s Birthday Party

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Then, once everyone arrived at the birthday party, I was handed EpiPens and asked questions like, “Is the cake nut free?”

Listen, I don’t want anyone to DIE at my kid’s birthday party, so these questions like “Is the cake nut free?” are kind of important. So, picture me, madly calling the cake store to make sure there were no nuts and also sweating profusely at the thought of having to administer a needle. Then some mothers, who were only to happy to boot the hell out of there as soon as the party started, threw me their phone numbers…in case something goes wrong.

The party went off without a hitch, but it took me three days, in bed, to recover.

We do these birthday parties because it makes our kids happy. But, let’s be honest. How many of your kids actually thank you for the birthday party afterwards? It would have been nice to hear, “Thank you mommy for booking the place, sending out all the e-mails, running around like a mad woman picking up cake, plates, cups, extra loot bags, ordering a pizza, and making sure I was in a good mood!” But, birthday parties don’t END at the end of the birthday party. You still have to open all the presents, find somewhere to store all the presents, and debate sending out thank you cards (which is not going to happen, because mommy is too exhausted.)

My daughter did say to me, the day after her party, “What are we going to do for my party next year?” I just sighed and said, “Let me sleep for three days and we have more than 350 days to think about it.” And that day, well, let’s just say, I can wait. Maybe in 365 days, I may be ready to throw another one. Maybe.

(photo: Dmitriy Shironosov/ Shutterstock)

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