Birth Control Recall Announced After Placebo Pills Were Found In The Wrong Order

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birth control recallThe recent birth control recall announcement left women rightfully in a panic over Twitter, according to msnbc. Now Pfizer, the company who issued the pills, is informing women how exactly they discovered the error — and it all came from the observation of one consumer.

Kristen Neese, a spokesperson for the company, said that Pfizer was “alerted” to the problem when an unidentified woman noticed that a discolored pill — or a placebo — was placed in the middle of her blister packet rather then the end. Now the company is claiming that this error may only be limited to 30 packs of birth control pills despite the statement urging all women with packs from the specified lot to use non-hormonal methods of birth control immediately. Pfizer had recalled in total one million packets of pills.

Pfizer has created a YouTube video hoping to reach out to those women affected as Chief Medical Officer Freda Lewis-Hall acknowledges this recall as “concerning” and “confusing” to women on the pill. Seasoned users of the pill would most likely find placebo pills being scattered around week two reason enough to phone a doctor. But for those ladies, especially young ladies, who don’t have much experience with birth control pills, this faulty lot could be responsible for who knows how many unplanned pregnancies.

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