TGI Friday Open Thread: How Are You NOT Getting Pregnant?

How are you guys NOT getting pregnant? I care a lot about your vaginas. I care as much about your vagina as my own vagina. MY vagina is YOUR vagina and vice versa. I am seeing how many times I can use the word VAGINA in a post before Bambi Koa Beck yells at me.

On Mommyish we talk a whole mess about wanting to get pregnant but we rarely talk about NOT wanting to get pregnant, and I know many of you are saying a prayer of thanks to the Magical Ultrasound Dolphin when you get your Mr. Monthly on time.

In my vagina-having lifetime, I have used so many forms of birth control. I think I have used them all. I have been on the pill. I once had a diaphragm I could never learn how to fit in properly. I was on depo-provera, which made me INSANE. Like totally, batshit, crying all the time, furious all the time, so 10000000 percent unlike me insane. And it was obviously the wrong dose for me, because instead of stopping my periods or making them lighter it made me bleed all the time. Horribly.

And after my third baby and a copper IUD, I eventually had a hysterectomy so I couldn’t get pregnant now even if I wanted to, and I no longer bleed. So HUGE bonus for not bleeding or having to worry about getting knocked up.

So for you people out there who aren’t trying to get pregnant, how are you achieving the miracle of NOT childbirth?

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