Long Island Elementary Students Performed A Billy Joel Concert And He Showed Up Like No Big

Billy Joel Holds Press Conference At Madison Square GardenPlease tell me a parent taped this performance and will be uploading it to You Tube post haste. Just like Billy Joel I would also enjoy seeing a bunch of six-year-olds perform Billy Joel songs to their throngs of adoring fans, mostly of their families and parents and also Billy Joel who just happened to show up at the concert to watch the little kids perform a tribute of his music. How cute is this story? The principal said she invited him and had no idea he would actually show up. From Newsday:

“We invited Billy Joel on a lark, but we didn’t expect him to come. It was totally thrilling,” said Nomi Rosen, Deasy’s principal. “We were all beside ourselves.”

Joel drove to the Finley Middle School’s Wunsch Art Center, where Deasy’s concert was held, a mere 10 minutes from his Centre Island home, via motorcycle. He arrived casually five minutes before the 9:30 a.m. start.


Joel sat in the back of the auditorium and left shortly after the show ended, once all the little kids started inundating him with requests for photos and autographs. But it’s so cute  he showed up in the first place, especially considering he is super duper famous and amazingly wealthy and I’m sure at times missed his own kids school concerts because he was busy being a rock star.

Nothing this exciting ever happens at my own kid’s concerts, we just get Kroger sheet cake and 7-up after the performance. Maybe it’s just because the person who made the song *Old McDonald Had A Farm famous couldn’t really show up and watch their amazing composition performed.

(*I have zero idea who made this song famous)

(Image: getty)

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