People Care More About Dante de Blasio And His Amazing ‘Fro Than His Dad’s Run For Mayoral Office

bill deblasio son afroBill de Blasio
is officially running for mayor of NYC and the best part about all of this is that he is being totally upstaged by his son and his amazingly excellent choice of hairstyle. I wonder if de Blasio feels like so many of us moms do when we go to a wedding or some other big event and spend a ton of money and effort making sure we look really good and all our kid has to do is put on a suit or a cute hairband and we are instantly upstaged by the simple fact we will all never be as adorable as our kids are? Running for mayor is a big deal, a much bigger deal than showing up at a relative’s house for a holiday or some other event where we are required to wear our outside-pants,and maybe Bill should think twice before the next time he brings his son out when he is trying to make an important speech because all anyone cares about is how cute his kid is. According to the Gothamist  Bill said things like:

“Like so many New Yorkers, my heart belongs to my neighborhood. We deserve a city government that actually believes in our neighborhoods and sees things the way we do,” de Blasio told a crowd that included Sex and the CIty star Cynthia Nixon (who, despite them both being open lesbians, is not supporting City Council Speaker Christine Quinn). “Now, that may have seemed impossible in recent years. We’ve gotten so used to the elitists at City Hall that the notion of government, of and for and by our neighborhoods, may seem in disrepair.


And blah blah blah blah who cares your son has a gorgeous head of hair. From the Ny Daily News:

”Really big afros and really long hair were cool,” the 51-year-old recalled. ”By the time I got to NYU my hair had surprising volume. It was really quite large and curly not quite at ”˜fro level but on the verge. So he’s certainly following in the family tradition.”

Okay, that’s better, but we still need to know more about this kid because you changed the topic over to yourself and that’s just not as interesting as your son. From

Mr. de Blasio’s son, Dante, a high school student, was the first one to speak at the podium set up in front of their yellowed, wood paneled house. He was also the first to cast the campaign as an antidote to politicians who have catered to the city’s elites.

”I’m here to support my dad, Bill de Blasio,” Dante said. ”Many people throw around the phrase, ”˜the people,’ when these candidates only mean to serve one group. Far too often, this group is the rich and the powerful citizens who have no need of any help. My father serves all people.”

Look at this kid! He is adorable, his hair is adorable, he is articulate and cute and can’t he run for mayor instead? His hair even has it’s own Twitter account! if you live in NYC and you are concerned about who is running for mayor and what their actual political beliefs are, that is all totally understandable. It may just be awhile before you can learn everything de Blasio stands for because until he leaves his kid at home, all we are going to be talking about is his hair.

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